Shop Rate: $75/hr

Our Service Ethos

Through clear, digestible and unintimidating language, our service estimates are written and itemized to keep our customers fully informed about the state of their bicycles. We invite you to bring your bicycle in for a full, free of charge, assessment throughout which we will go over all of its running systems, and assess exactly what it will need in order to get it back to optimal riding condition. Our customers and clients will always reserve the right to decline any recommended work, our main goal is to ensure that the bicycle leaves the shop performing as it should and riding better than you ever thought it could.

Standard Tune Up

The bicycle’s wheels are removed from the frame and fork, and we wipe it all down thoroughly to get that special sparkle back. A full frame & wheel inspection for any damage, cracks or dents follows. We will halt all work and call you immediately if we see any critical damage incurred to your frame or wheels.

*We will not continue any work on a bent or cracked frame.*

After the frame has been cleaned, we move on to the wheels, injecting the hubs with fresh grease so as to ensure the bearings are correctly preloaded & the wheels are rolling as smoothly as they’ve been designed to roll. The wheels are then mounted in to an industry standard truing stand, spoke tension is measured, ensuring the wheels are running straight & variances in tension are accounted for. Once the wheels have been serviced and tires have been inflated, they are correctly mounted back in to the dropouts. We log the bicycle’s make, model & serial number to ensure you have that information, in case you’d ever need it. The crankset is removed, the bottom bracket is checked for correct installation, wear & is accounted for if need be. The rear derailleur is removed, the derailleur hanger is checked for proper installation, and is then aligned with an industry standard hanger alignment gauge. After the hanger alignment has been dialed in, the rear derailleur is re-installed & limit screws, b-tension & cable tension are all thoroughly inspected & set up correctly. Front and rear brakes are adjusted to ensure that caliper mounting fasteners are all torqued to the correct specifications, brake pads are wearing evenly, & cables, housing and/or hydraulic hoses are set to the correct lengths. The front derailleur’s height & alignment are accounted for, & limit screws & cable tension are then set up. Headset bearing preload is checked & accounted for, also ensuring the steer tube & handlebar clamp bolts are torqued to the correct specifications. We always make sure to use torque-limiting wrenches, especially when we’re dealing with sensitive materials like carbon fiber. A full bolt check is performed to ensure all fasteners are tightened to correct specification. Your bike is taken out for a test ride during which we check the gears, brakes, listen for sounds; rule out any potential issues not caught in our repair stands. Once the repair’s service ticket has been written up, we will call you and let you know your bike’s service has been completed and is ready to be picked up.

Cleaning and Degreasing

We offer a cleaning and degreasing service in which we remove the drivetrain components (front & rear derailleurs, chain, cassette/freewheel & crankset) & put them in our industrial parts cleaner to remove all of the accumulated dirt & grime so as to ensure optimal operating condition. We understand that bikes get dirty when you’re riding them day in day out, but it very much helps increase the lifespan of your drivetrain if you stay on top of its condition. We seek to continually educate our customers & clients so as to get the best dollar value out of their investment in their bike’s running parts.

Individual Services

Flat Fix
$10 (tubes are $8.50 each)

Derailleur adjustment

Derailleur replacement

Replace shift cable
$15 (cables are $4.50 each)

Remove/Install pedals

Replace brake cable
$15 (cables are $4.50 each)

Brake adjustment

Bleed hydraulic disc brakes
$30 each

Install new brakes

Bottom Bracket Overhaul

Overhaul headset

Replace handlebar tape

Check/align dropouts

Replace fork

Derailleur hanger repair/replacement

Replace broken spoke(s)
$25 (spokes are $1 each)

Wheel truing
$15 - 25

Wheel building

Hub bearing overhaul
$20 (front) / $25 (rear)

Install new front wheel

Install new rear wheel


Build-A-Bike from a box

Rack Install

Fenders Install

Baby Seat Install

Cycling Computer Install

Professional Fittings

All the gear in the world can’t make up for a good fit 
on your bike — if your posture isn’t correct, riding can 
be uncomfortable, painful, and exhausting. 

We take the task of bike fitting seriously. Let our expert fitter dial in your setup so that you can wring the most comfort, performance, and value out of your investment, and more importantly, the time you spend in the saddle.